One of the recent milestones:
Presenting ISO14001 certficate to AFOCHS Ltd. Vayupuri, Secunderabad

Also at Intelizon Energy Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad - recently (in June-2021) implemented ISO9001:2015 QMS,  SRI Progressive Projects, ESS Handicrafts, Pallavi Model Schools, etc.
AFOCHS-ISO14001-Certficate presenataion-

Today most professional organizations know that an ISO certification certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. ISO standards are in place to ensure consistency. Each certification has separate standards & criteria and is classified well.

The post-COVID effect, it’s been observed among many Indian Micro & Small enterprises that, they only go for ISO 9001 certificate just for the sake of getting into some Tenders, PSU, Corporate Enterprise, orders, etc. off-late this (ISO certificate) has been made a saleable commodity, by few cheap consulting firms in India, at quite a cheap price.

However, few qualified & experienced professionals like us have tried to educate many in the market since 2018, to make such organizations understand the significance and value addition in implementing ISO9001 or any such ISO certification and then getting recognized for valid certification. However, we came across very few responsible institutions, who have realized the significance and benefits of ISO standards implementation, before getting certified.

One of a significance like... The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System specifies what your organization needs to do: To provide products and services that consistently meet customers' needs. To enhance customer satisfaction through a process of continual improvement. To ensure it conforms with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

In the last few weeks we (ASDAC Enterprises), just happened to implement ISO9001:2015 QMS for one of the OEM suppliers to Schneider Electric co. in Hyderabad, India. This manufacture was serious and we were pleased to help them. It needs to define in a structured manner:

  • Defining Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • Making Process flow-charts

  • Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Documentation and records maintenance in relevance

  • Defining Quality objectives and Quality policy

  • Finally framing the Quality Manual to follow

  • Conducting internal audits, identifying non-conformities

  • Risk-based planning and action plans

  • Annual audit by qualified external lead auditors  

We observed that it really helps the stakeholders improve consistency on the processes, planning, and productivity within the organization, hence growth through customer focus.

ISO 9001:2015 certification assures process transparency and accountability. For your future clients, it's a good indication that their projects will be implemented according to standards and in good quality

We at ASDAC Enterprises, are very keen to help such organizations & Institutions in implementing ISO9001 or any relevant ISO standards seriously, as they require, at a reasonable price. For more details please do contact us at Ph.9177172228; Email:;

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